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NEW RELEASE – BEEHIVE A birthday tribute to the great Amy Winehouse

Today marks what would have been Amy’s 35th birthday, what better time to remember this hugely talented artist.


Bambi first created a painting of Amy on a door in Camden back in July 2011.


“I sprayed it close to where she lived to help myself cope with the feelings of sadness and respect I, and the whole of Camden Town, had about her tragic death,” says Bambi. “Her heartfelt voice and songs touched me deeply. I would walk through the streets in Camden & almost every house would be playing her album ‘Back to Black’ playing again and again.


This album made Amy Winehouse the first British woman to win five Grammys.


Amy once said: ‘The more insecure I feel, the bigger my hair has to be’. Whether she was channeling Dusty Springfield or Marge Simpson, Amy wore her beehive almost comically with fun and pride; her style drawn from the past, but used by her to be something new and bewitching. I often felt that her enigmatic soulful voice and talent was almost too big for any mere mortal to channel.”


Now, eight years later and drawn to the poignancy of Amy’s need to hide her insecurities Bambi is ready to release a screen print edition, “Beehive”.


The style of the work was inspired by Rembrandt’s self-portraits. “I wanted to create the illusion that Amy’s face is emerging from the darkness and dissolving into it at the same time. And her determined stare seems to hold your gaze,” says Bambi.


The edition of 25 screen prints plus 5 A/P’s and 5 unique proofs are being released today at £650 (unique proofs at £850) but hurry! Only the first 10 are available at this price after which there will be two price increases as availability becomes limited.




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